Industrial subcontracting consists in incorporating specialized suppliers in different production processes within the production chain of industrial companies.

It  includes an important number of industrial SME with a high specialization degree in delivering manufacturing services to produce intermediate parts or industrial processes custom-made, according to technical specifications of the end customer.

Contracting companies belong to different industrial sectors such as automotive, rail, aeronautics, machinery, construction, medical, electrical, energetic, house-hold devices and many other.

Subcontracting companies offer their services as specialists in different production processes such as turn-milling, machining, plastic moulding, metal stamping, thermoforming, punching and laser cutting of metals, surface treatments, forging or casting.

Traditionally subcontracting companies have grown together with industrial companies, specially in the automotive industry. But the subcotracting activity can be offered to many other industries allowing companies to diversify their customer portfolio.

A bit more than the half of the Spanish subcontracting SME export regullarly in a direct way. Other companies export in an indirect way, because the parts they produce go abroad trough their national clients.

There is still  a lot to be done.

At Art of Export we are specialists in the subcontracting SME internationalisation. We can help you to discover that you can export too. We advise you to know where to export, how to do it and how do you need to adapt.

We know how the Industrial Subcontracting works in Europe. Thanks to our experience in the subcontracting scene and to our contacts, we can guide you in the most suitable way and according to your needs.


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